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3D Design &Visualizations

Arctos Management Group is proud to announce a strategic partnership with a multi-national 3D design firm specialized in interior & exterior renderings, walk-throughs and fly-overs, dynamic 3D animations, 3D photo simulations, 3D floor plans, BIM & CAD conversions and virtual reality projects for clients in the A/E/C and design industry.

Architectural 3D rendering is the smart, contemporary choice for developers, architects, designers, general contractors, property managers, real estate agents and any other related fields with an interest in creating high-impact designs and presentations.

At Arctos, we can provide a design team to work closely with property developers, large and small-scale builders, interior designers, product specifiers and more. With backgrounds in architecture and construction design, you can depend on our senior staff for the highest standards of accuracy when it comes to the finer points of design documentation and plans.

With our experience in the building and architectural industry and talented team of graphic artists, we’ve become a trusted partner to a huge range of companies that seek better outcomes for their visual communication – and the edge over their competition.

We can provide you with: 

  • Interior & Exterior Render
  • Walk-throughs and Fly-over videos
  • Interactive 3D presentations
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Development & Production Services
  • Dynamic 3D animations
  • 3D Photo Simulation, suitable for City Council’s approval on your development plans
  • 3D Floor Plans